How To Setup Free Push Notification To Blogger

How To Setup Free Push Notification To Blogger

How To Setup Free Push Notification To Blogger: There are many people’s who don’t know that how to add push notification in blogger peoples are question on this topic if you are using WordPress then you can find many plugging which are really helpful to grow your blog but on the other side, some people can’t afford to host and they start blogging in blogger.

That’s why today I am going to tell you how to add push notifications in bloggers with some easy steps you can add push notifications to the website it can help your website to grow but first you need to know that why notifications are important for your blog.

Why Push notifications are important for your blog?

Adding this feature to your blog is very important to stay connected with your users this helps you and your users that are visiting your website the benefit of adding a notification to your website is if you post any article update on your website and if the user subscribe your website push notification then they get instant notification about your post and never miss a single update on the other side it will help you to grow your website and your user experience

If you are adding this feature then every new user that visits your website get a push notification bar so the user subscribes or unsubscribe to stay updated and if the user subscribes then every post that you publish on your website user have been notify and updated by email that’s why you need to add this notification in your blog below I am going to tell you how to add push notification in your blogger?

How to add Push notification to your blogger?

Below I mentioned some easy steps which you can follow and easily set up one signal push notification on your blogger website read the article carefully.

After creating an account on one signal website then write your website name and select web after doing this select blogger if you are using word press then you can find word press just select them after selecting blogger add your website name and link your website URL below select bell icon and save all setting that you made after doing this step you can find a code from one signal now copy the code.

After copying the code go to your website theme section edit HTML and find </head> you can find </head> at starting of your theme and then paste code below </head> and save your post. now go to one signal website and click on save and you did to refresh your website and you can see how your website push notification works.


If you find this article helpful then share with others peoples friends and family because in this article I tell you How To Setup Free Push Notification To Blogger and why it is important for your blog after reading the full article apply these steps and add one signal it will help you a lot.

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